Who I am is not important.  What I believe is.  I have lived in a nominally Communist country by choice, and could leave whenever I wanted.  I have seen where we are headed if we allow the current regime to steal our liberty.

Since Obama was elected president, there has been a lot of discussion of people “Going Galt” – a reference to John Galt, the hero of Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”.  Many of the discussions are along the lines of how to “drop out” of society until a better time comes along.  The people who have made plans and have taken some steps to “Go Galt”, while they have good intentions, have missed the larger picture.

Galt was not a passive player in the war between Socialsism and Crony Capitalism.  He was the lead General in the struggle, taking an active role to lead the resistance.

I hope to start a discussion on leading an American Renaissance so that we can banish the collectivist mentality.


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